We started on a beach in August 2011, setting out to create a smooth, silver rum that would make an impression and capture the essence of the beautiful place that it comes from – the outer banks of Virginia Beach. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, Sandbar Silver Rum is available now in several states, with more being added regularly. Beyond it’s unique taste and characteristics, Sandbar Rum is memorable because of the way it is made.

Unlike many other rum brands, Sandbar Silver Rum is made completely in the United States. It is also eco-friendly. Bottled in a 100% eco-friendly bottle, and using a special process that allows 97% recapture of waste products during the distillation process, this is a rum you can feel good about drinking for more reasons than one.

Owner Jim Cazares spent his career in banking and investments after receiving an MBA from Old Dominion University. He now can pursue his passion for creating an exceptional product for others to enjoy.





The Great American Rum

The Great American Rum